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Umpires get one right, eventually

August 23, 2009

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | PHI@NYM: Umps say Francoeur made catch, Manuel tossed – Video | Multimedia

“How many horrible calls can we see?”

Top of the ninth, Mets-Phillies; my bête noire, Jeff Francoeur, before hitting into his now-infamous game-ending unassisted triple play (who else could do that?) makes a nice sliding catch of a fly ball. The umpire, however, says that it’s not a catch, even though as the broadcasters say, it wasn’t even close. Jeffy, like the whiny little brat he basically is, throws a tantrum and gets in the umpire’s face. (He had a case, but I won’t ever give up a chance to make fun of Francoeur.) The umpires put their heads together and reversed the call.

Charlie Manuel came out to complain. I guess he had to, but normally when it’s that obvious the argument is only pro forma. But he kept at it, during the inning break, and eventually said the magic word or something, because Mark Wegner tossed him. Really, Manuel had to let it go. I’m with the umpires on this one — except for the idiot who made the terrible call to begin with. Maybe he should have been ejected.

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  1. buddaley permalink
    September 3, 2009 5:33 am

    Did you see the call on the Cuddyer catch vs. Castro in the Twins/White Sox game last night? It seemed pretty clear that Cuddyer made a clean catch. The replay appeared conclusive. Even the Chicago announcers were firm in saying the catch was good. But the umpires awarded Castro a double.

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